Lao DECIDE Info - Informing Decisions for Sustainable Development
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The MapViewer allows you to explore and compare side-by-side highly detailed thematic maps on a wide range of aspects related to socio-economic conditions of the Lao population, agricultural production patterns, and land investments. All maps are based on statistics of the Government of the Lao PDR.
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The online GIS application provides a user-friendly interface to explore and analyse a wide range of socio-economic, agriculture and investment data layers geographically. The tool lets you overly map layers of different topics, create custom maps on specific topics and areas of interest, and provides easy to use tools to query the data spatially as well as thematically. Registered users can download spatial data layers from DECIDE GIS.
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The statistical data portal Statable provides registered users with an easy to use interface to browse and select statistical data by topic and geographic area, and to download the selected variables at various levels of aggregation.
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The Metadata browser provides an interface to search for detailed tabular or spatial data of national and sub-national coverage of the Lao PDR. It provides also background information on existing data sets and points users to the data owners and download links where available.
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